This wonderful and unique Hindu festival generally occurs in late November or early December of English calendar every year in Nepal. Lots of devotees gather around different religious destinations of Nepal like Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Arjundhara Dham, Devghat Dham, Manakamana Temple etc. every year on Marga Krishna Chaturdashi. Special gathering can be observed around Sleshmantak forest near Pashupatinath.

Seeds are dropped by devotees in remembrance of their past near and dear ones. Their is a belief of Moksha gain by past members of Family if seeds are dropped around holy places in their remembrance. For beloved ones who were dead because of some accidents or whose death rituals are not performed well or if they are not burnt well, devotees believe that they remain in peace in heaven by dropping seeds in this auspicious occasion.

People from around Nepal and Indian sub-continent gather at Pashupatinath temple for lighting traditional diyo(religious oil lamp) and recite different mantras and Bhajans.

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