According to WHO, Latest figures on coronavirus outbreak shows that the worldwide number of infections reaches 87,614 as of March 3 and death toll climbed to 2,994.

Following is the latest map covering all the affected countries, deaths and successful recovery worldwide. All data are from WHO.

Following the risk assessment by WHO, which indicated Nepal among the top nations with a high chance of virus spreads, Nepal Government has given a sign that a promotional campaign for Nepal Tourism Year 2020 will be focused more on domestic tourism more than foreign tourists as a strategic move to fight against the Novel Corona Virus outbreak that is spreading throughout the world.

Talking about Nepal, the confirmed case is only one though being a neighbor nation of China. The majority of tourists planning to visit Nepal started to raise questions on the current status of this novel disaster and Is Nepal safe to travel during the Novel Corona Virus outbreak? and so on. Below is the live chart highlighting Nepal.

Regarding the Traveler’s safety, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends following some safety tips for everyone to follow.

Image from WHO.INT

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