Nepal Government Department of Immigration announced the suspension of On Arrival VISA for tourists effective from March 7, 2020 as a result of precaution against Corona Virus outbreak. Minister of defense and external affair Mr. Ishwor Pokhrel chaired a meeting on March 1, 2020 to announce the emergency message for foreigners trying to visit Nepal with on arrival VISA.

According to the national daily of Nepal Nagarik News Daily, no further information has been disclosed. This is leading visitors planning to visit Nepal on the #VisitNepal2020 to more towards a dilemma. No further information on the announcements is made on Nepal Immigration Department ‘s official website as well as of today.

Visitors already having flights on their schedule on March 7 or near shall contact Nepal Government’s authority for further information. Important contact details of Department of Immigration are as below:






Detailed information about paused ON ARRIVAL VISA can be found on government of Nepal, Mimistry of Home Affairs, Department of Immigration here.

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